DC Sniper

By: Robert Floyd and Chase Garrott

The DC sniper killings were committed by John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo. John became known as the DC Sniper, terrorizing the people of the Washington DC area for several weeks in October 2002. Many citizens became too fearful to even go out of their houses. Many had their kids stay home from school in fear of the sniper.

The killings were random and had little to no connection to the snipers other than the bullet.

People were afraid of leaving their homes in fear of being killed by these guys.

The Background

John Allen Muhammad born on December 31, 1960, in Louisiana. He did not have a mom growing up, for she died when he was only four. He then moved in with his aunt, who lived in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Following his graduation of high school, John married Carol Kaglear, joined the National Guard, where he was described as a nice, hardworking guy. Carol and John had one child named Lindbergh. John separated from his wife and joined the army becoming a skilled marksman. He then married Mildred Green and had three more children. His new wife wanted a divorce and he took his kids from her and went to Antigua, where he met his partner in crime, Lee Boyd Malvo. John was found and the kids were taken away from him by U.S. officials and returned to Mildred Green. Enraged over losing his kids he developed a relationship with Malvo. John taught Malvo how to shoot and they practiced on a tree stump. Later, they began to plan their killing spree.

The Plan

Phase one: planning where to shoot from and how to escape. Goal was to kill 6 white people in phase one.

Phase two: This would happen in Baltimore and it would start with killing a pregnant women by shooting her in the stomach and also a police officer. At the officers funeral have several explosive devices at the funeral to kill many officers.

Phase three: Extort several million from U.S. government. This would finance a move to Canada and recruit orphaned boys to use weapons and commit shootings across the country.

The Car they used had a hole above the license plate to shoot out of.

And had a backseat that had the sheet metal removed between the passenger compartment and the trunk, enabling the shooter to get into the trunk from inside the car.

Also a digital voice recorder used by both Malvo and Muhammad to make extortion demands.

Connection to Crucible

The Snipers killed everyday people doing everyday things similar to how the girls accused townsfolk in the crucible. Abigail wanted to accuse people similar to Muhammad wanting to kill people.

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