blue catfish

and what stuff you want to know about them by: Ethan keeling

Blue catfish are one type of the many types of catfish. They live under logs in rivers, lakes, and creeks. They live in the warmer parts of the United States. What they eat are frogs, bugs, rats, and fish eggs. The largest I think that was ever caught is 4.ft 152lbs. Their life span is 25 to 30 years long. Their anatomy is pretty much the same as ours but they have fins, gills, a swim bladder, and breathe water and we do not have gills or fins. Many people are polluting the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and blue catfish are getting poisoned so I think we should clean out our rivers and never pollute water. It kills fish! There is no reason to pollute or litter so use your trash can and recycling bin and don’t kill animals by polluting!  O.K. Moving on… the ways to catch blue catfish are by using stink baits such as soap bars [yes soap bars], chicken liver, cut shad, and meats of different sorts. Just a shiny hook would work (it sounds crazy but it’s true)! Use steel leaders so the catfish doesn’t bite off the line. I use poles with fishing line and bait at the end and stick them in the ground at the creek down in the woods at my grandma and papa’s farm and wait till next morning to see if we have caught anything on our poles.

Fun Facts!

  • blue catfish make a noise using their throat muscles
  • they are the 2nd biggest catfish the 1st is the Wels catfish