By Cam Cane|Autumn 2014|

How does Dr. Stayfine (Private: DS) make money? Founder & CEO Ronnie C. Wright answered this question with something as primary as [ABC] > Advertising & apps+Books & brand merchandising+Content for online and mobile device customers. Wright said, "We focus on [profit] > producing returns on financial investments today."

Dr. Stayfine seeks to become the number one choice for social media news and information built around

the word "FINE" - short for: 'Food.Innovation.Networking.Entertainment to help individuals stay 'Fit.Intelligent.Natural.Energetic.'

How will they make it happen?

They call it AdWIDTH - Word Image Design Through Habits producing

Word Image Design Through History that reflects revenue linked to profits.

Wright said, "Dr. Stayfine understands you and your desire to grow - so by placing

"advertainment" on our pages 'you' - the consumer is motivated to click and, thus -

word image design through harvest."

How Can Dr. Stayfine Create Profits From This
Wright calls it [CROPS] > Cultivating Relevant Online Patrons Socially.

Adwidth works on a "pay-per-pop" basis - meaning - pay only for

[pops] > patrons opening placement spots.

An Innovative Business Model
Dr. Stayfine extends the concept of "POPS" to mean - 'Pennies On Placement Spots"

for advertising.This is how they make money.