Well, I am a very athletic person.  I very rarely am inside during the summer, I am always outside doing something.  My favorite sport, by far, is soccer.  I can't imagine not playing soccer, it makes me who I am.  I have a brother and a sister.  My brother is 8 years old, he loves soccer as much as me.  My sister is 10, she enjoys dancing, and isn't a big fan of soccer.

3 Interesting Things


I am a huge fan of soccer, and it is also my favorite sport to play.  I starting playing when I was 11, and every year after that it has been an essential part of my life.  My favorite team is Argentina.  My favorite player of all time is Lionel Messi.  I play for the soccer team at our school and it is a blast getting to know all the older players.


Fishing is my favorite thing to do on my free time.  Being by the creek fishing is so relaxing, it is my way of relieving stress.  I started going fishing with my dad when I was little.  Now I will hide my pole in the woods, walk down to the creek  after school, get my pole, and fish.


My favorite animals of all time are cats.  I have 3 cats, and they are all nice, except one, one just hides and hates on my friend Timmy.  My favorite thing about cats is that they remain smaller, unlike dogs, and they can sleep with you and not take up your bed.  My one cat wears little jackets, he is like a person, he loves wearing clothes.


  • My first goal is to place in the Pepsi Bowling tournament and win scholarship money.  I will practice more often, and get helpful tips from my dad to improve my stance.
  • My second goal is to get straight A's this semester in school.  I will study more, ask for help from my teachers when I need to, and make sure to double check my work before turning it in my tests.
  • My last goal is to go to college and play soccer.  I will have to practice more, and more everyday.  I will have to condition myself to get myself in shape.  Lastly I will have to learn different moves and techniques to impress scouts.

Place to Visit

I would love to visit Argentina, because it is such a beautiful place to go.  Another reason I want to go is to go to a Argentina soccer game to see my favorite player play, Lionel Messi.  I wanted to go and see the world cup this year in Brazil since Brazil boarders Argentina and I would have got to see Argentina play, but I didn't have enough money to go.  I will have to start saving money now to go when I am 18 years old.

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