The horse is a four legged mammal with a mane and tail. The horses have evolved over millions of years. Horses are domestic animals and some people have them as pets. Now I am going to answer some questions about horses.

What are the different breeds of horses?

You may be surprised to learn how many different horse breeds there are in the world, from work horses to race horses to pageant horses and more. I am going to list 5 horse breeds in captions under the picture of the breed.

Mustang-They are known as wild horses, but they are descended from domestic horses.
Shetland pony-This pony is pretty small compared to a horse, but the Shetland pony is really strong.
Shire Horse-This breed comes in many colors , and they are popular for pulling wagons.
Russian Trotter- They are apparently the fastest trotters In the world.
Morgan Horses- is one of the earliest breeds in the United States.

Where are horses located?

Some horses are domestic while others are wild. Feral horses are the descendants of tamed animals that have run free. Feral horses can be found in Arizona, Navada, Wyoming, Montana, and North Carolina. Modern horses are descended from species that originated in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Mongolia.

What are horses used to for?

Horses and humans work together in different ways like sports and police work. Horses were used in warfare and people invented different riding technics. Also horses were used in farms for many things. They would help plant and harvest crops.

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