Seven Questions You Must Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

We spend hours and hours in choosing a dress for an occasion. But when it comes to marriage, most of us say yes without thinking for a second. No doubt marriages are planned in heaven but anything can go wrong on Earth. Given below are some questions which you must ask your partner before saying yes.

1. Who is the Best Match? In most societies marriages are universal and mostly arranged by parents or elders in the family. Although most arranged marriages are successful, still there are people who commit suicides because of strained relations. Even if you are finding that all is well, ask your would be whether you are the best or not? In case, you don’t get a prompt yes, step back or else you can be in big trouble.

2. Verify What is Expected from You: Most of us have high expectations from our spouse. While some of us become realistic with time, others keep cursing. Tell your would-be partner that this is the best time of your life and you do not want more. If your hubby is convinced with you, go ahead otherwise think again, as you may be sitting in the wrong train.

3. Conduct an Opinion Poll: You may be open to new ideas but your partner believes in cultural taboos. By asking your partner’s opinion about burning issues like Gay marriage etc, you can easily make out how your life would be after marriage.

4. Is Religion Important in Your Life? All over the world, there are hundreds of religions. Within religions, there are still more sects and cults. Most faiths have one thing in common i.e. they want everyone else to become their follower. Try to talk about faith with your partner, you may get an idea about his or her beliefs and whether you two will be able to live together forever.

5. Share your Choices or Hobbies with Your Would-Be: You like red color but she loves green. Not only colors, we all have different choices in almost everything. What matters the most is how your partner reacts when you express yourself? If he or she starts condemning you for choosing red over green, you are on the wrong track.

6. Talk about Finances: Most people stay silent before their partners and avoid sharing their financial status. If you want both of you to stay together for rest of your lives, it is quite important to know the financial status of your would be. In any case, even if you hide it now, it will show itself after marriage.

7. Talk about Sex: Now comes the most important part of the whole discussion. Many people believe that marriage is the license to make love with your partner. But it is a responsibility and commitment too. Mostly, people get married thinking about their rights only but when they get questioned, they feel trapped. We all have some doubts about sex in our minds. The best way to clear them is to visit a councilor together. Most men have one or the other minor medical problems like performance anxiety. These issues can be easily managed with medicines like Kamagra. But before tryingremedies like Kamagra jelly one must consult a physician. You can also visit websites for details of Kamagra jellies.