French Newsletter

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Fromage pour la fondue savoyarde (taken by J. Starmer)

Here are some useful time expressions:

TV5Monde has a nice presentation on Canadian legends (in French):

Another idiomatic expression to add to your list:

Attention aux faux amis!

Interested in learning French through music? Here are some suggested songs:

The little dancer by Edgar Degas is the inspiration for a new musical!

Puppet theaters are popular for children in France. Read about Guignol (in English) here:

Did you know these inventions/inventors were French?

Imagine you are in a top-floor Paris apartment! Enjoy these photographs of Paris rooftops by Michael Wolf:

Just in case you may be reading a menu with wild game on it, here's a short list of French vocabulary:

Review indirect object pronouns with this video:

Au revoir!