Egypt is one of the top ten Islamic countries. Egypt is full of religion, but mostly Muslim. There is a population of 85,294,388.There is also beautiful landscapes, and monuments that the early Egyptians built.I'm going to take you through there religion,people,and there economy.

First, the religion in Egypt. The Egyptians have six ethnic groups which are Egyptians,Bedouins,Greeks,Nubians,Armenians,and Barbers.They are Muslims.They are mostly in the group Sunni.They pray at least three times a day to there God Allah.The Egyptians are very serious to there religion.

Second,the people in Egypt.The official language they speak is Arabic.There 16th ranked with the most population.There most famous tourist spot is the Great Pyramid, along with the sphinx.Most education in Egypt is only a nine year cycle,but the students are not made to attend.Egyptians are different than the Americans.

Finally, the economy in Egypt.The Egyptian government is republic.The average Egyptian citizen makes 2,5000 LE(450 U.S dollars).There biggest industries in Egypt are textiles,food processing,tourism,and chemicals. Egypt's economy is I like most economy in the world.

Egypt is a fantastic country.I hope showed you Egypt's religion,people,and economy.There are plenty of Islamic countries in the world.Egypt studies the Islamic religion.They have great people.There enconomy is like most of the world. Why dont you go study a country.

The Egyptian Flag

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