The Moon's Importance

Jasmine Ogle

6th hour

       There are multiple types of moon phases. There are 8types of command moon phases. The moons placement has a lot to do with the tides The eclipse also has a lot to do with the moons placement. But unlike the moon phases there is only2 types of eclipses.

There are eight different types of moon phases. The first one is called the new moon. And the last one is called the full moon. The ones in the middle are called crescent moons. All the other ones are exactly the same but facing a different direction.

The tides are controlled by the moon. There are two different tides. The tides switch out every six hours. But there not always the same. Some tides are low and some tides are high.

There are two different types of eclipses . There is the lunar eclipse and the Shuler eclipse. The luner eclipse  is when the moon is in between the earth and the moon. The solar eclipse is when the moon is behind the sun. And the moon gets two shadows on it one is red and the other is dark

There are multiple reasons why the moon is important, but the main reason is light. If we didn't have the moon counties that have electricity would still have light at night but countries that didn't have a moon would have no light. Also the moon creates tides and if we did not have tides no one could surf and people with non-motor boats would have to work harder to fish and move there boat.

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