"Jackie Robinson"

The way i figure it i was even with baseball and baseball with me.the game had done it for me,and i had done much for it.

Childhood life

.Born January 31, 1919 .from cairo, georgia  .
.he has 3 brothers 1 sisters  .his mother move them 2 californa after his father left .

After jackie Robinson  finshed he went to the army . After serving 2 years in the army as a lieutenant.

Honors & Awards

. elected to hall of fame in 1962.NAACP  prestigous springarn medal .1949 selected for all-star team.1949 name national league most vauble player.


.Frist african-american 2 play in Major League Baseball . broke segration in MLB.First black African-American in Hall-of Fame.

Marri3d IN 1946 2 Rachael Isum-

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