One of Singapore's many beautiful skylines.


Singapore is known for its stunning night lights that light up the sky.


Traditional Singapore greetings consist of two people bringing their right palms together, as if to shake hands, then sliding them apart. After people put their hand to their heart as a sing of respect.


The majority of Singapore citizens travel by subway train. Some do travel by car but it is much cheaper and more efficient to take the subway.


Singapore is a sovereign city-state and island in Southeast Asia.


The most popular dish in Singapore is chicken and rice. It is a simple yet universal food.

Life in Singapore

Odd Laws

In Singapore it is illegal to not flush a public toilet after using it and can result in hefty fines.

The sale of gum is prohibited because of cleanliness issues.

Cigarettes are illegal in all public places in Singapore.

Traditional dance and music in Singapore.


Singapore people have a strong sense in Family. There family is most important and face to face communication is key. They do not text or call as much as we do.

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