Final Project

Poster review

This movie poster is very good in my opinion. It has everything a good movie poster should have. To start, the images are large enough to catch the eye of anybody passing by. The image has lots of color and its nice and large. The image itself covers the whole poster. It will also catch someones eye because of the cinematic view the poster gives. It basically gives the person a little look into the whole world. Another thing about the poster is the big letters. People don't really have a long time to look so its good to have big letters and be straight to the point. Its name is also kind of odd, so it will grab peoples attention. To some it up, the poster gives you information on when, and where to see the movie if you are interested. At the very top of the poster, it says that this movie comes from the director of the lord of the rings. If anyone has ever seen it, they will have an idea of what its about. To some it all up, this poster made me wanna see the movie and hopefully it will persuade others to as well.

Artifact reaction

My personal opinion toward artifact is that the record companies are nothing but corrupt. First off, it isn't fair in anyway. Record companies know what they are doing and they keep on doing it. There is basically no easy way out of a record deal. They slowly but surely add more and more expenses that put the artist more and more in debt. The only reason artists continue to sign with record labels is because without them, there is very little to no success of getting your name out there or selling many copies of an album. I also think as the years go on, and new stories develop on the record labels being corrupt, artist are beginning to realize what is happening and start to know how unfair it really is. Unfortunately, there is little they can do about it. If i was 30 seconds to mars, i would do everything in my power to try and sign with an independent record label. It would benefit fit them a lot more especially because they are very popular now. The overall feel of artifact for me was a negative one. It made me realize how unfair and unreasonable the record labels are. I had never really thought of it before and now i understand the loops in a contract and I now know what 30 seconds to mars should've watched out for.

Trailer review

In my personal opinion, this is a pretty good movie trailer. It shows some of the plot in the beginning so you have a bit of an idea what its about, then it just shows a few scenes from the movie. There is a lot of action in the movie (you can see that from the trailer) and it has some well known actors in it like Mark Wahlberg. From the trailer, it looks like a high budget movie as well. The trailer also has a good way of leaving you hanging at the end so it might persuade you to wanna see it to find out what actually happens. I have a few friends that have seen the movie and they agree it is very well written and full of action. This is definitely depicted in the trailer. Overall, this trailer made me want to see the movie. I had never seen seen the movie before so it was a fair review. Now, after seeing the trailer, I want to see it for sure.

Changes in TV

There are a lot of changes coming to the T.V. world considering all the new ways to buy and order shows on demand. Netflix and Hulu Plus are perfect examples of this. Personally, I use these alternate ways of watching movies and T.V. shows myself, and I use them a lot. This cuts away at the viewing of normal T.V. because I know for a fact I'm not the only one that uses these sites. I believe the best way to market T.V. is to keep making new shows. The reason for this is that these sites cant show the newer shows yet. They need to wait a while before they can. This makes it so people have to watch it on the T.V. and they have to watch it on a certain channel. People also have multiple T.Vs in there houses. This proves that people still have a need for television. To some it all up, people will always be using television, it is just slowly becoming less and less popular as the years go on.

My own amusment park

If I ran my own amusement park, these are some of the thing I would do to encourage people to attend. The first thing is that I would try to advertise as much as I can. In my advertisement, I would make sure the customers would know a certain trait about the park that is unique to only my park. My special trait would be that you don't have to walk anywhere. There would be little carts, trains, carriages and all sorts of other way to get around. The reason for this is because a big reason some people leave is because they get tired. This way, you wont have to walk a single step (unless you choose too). This trait will set me apart from the other parks giving me more popularity, and overall business. People will want to come to my park over other parks and that will be amazing for business. Not only are we chosen over others, but all of our competitors are losing visitors. This is only if we can reach our desired poularity.

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