How The Western World Will Benefit From Israel's R&D Industry

The Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD) which is an organization of Israel and United Stated has recently announced 10 new projects in groundwork sectors will be provided nine million dollars for financial support.

The collaboration of both American and Israeli governments in R&D funding helps an American company and an Israeli company. The recipient of the financial aid is BIRD which was established back in 1977. The foundation provides north of 50 percent of every company's research and development economic needs which keeps on financing 35 full-scale and 23 mini projects.

BIRD executive director Dr. Eitan Yudilevich explained that the funding for research is diverse to acknowledge and improve fields such as online security, environmental recycling, water technologies and fire fighting.

One of the recent projects which received a research grant focuses on the system for advanced water leakage control which is assigned to Steam Control Ltd. in Israel and American Water Works Company located in New Jersey. The second project will be handled by Applied Extrusion Technologies of Delaware and Polysack Flexible Packaging of Israel which will find better ways of recycling shrinkpackaged food containers. The third project with Israel R&D support will develop 4G long term evolution (LTE) concerning the mobile relay station with mesh network capabilities. It will be a project in collaboration of New Jersey's Global Wireless Technologies and Israel's Ubiqam.

For the developing business continuity solutions for websites, California's Net Optics Inc and Israel's Foresight will be leading the research. GONET Systems from Israel and Juniper Networks from California will collaboate on WiFi connectivity, the signal transmission on processing system. In telecommunications once again, Vayyar Imaging Ltd of Israel and Agilent Technologies of California will create network analyzer which have both low-cost and high performance.

Other projects which received r&d fund include: Israel's LifeOnKey and New York's Target Health for electronic upgrade of health departments concerning record systems and databases, California's Trace Worldwide Cooperation and Israel's Elbit Systems Ltd. for aerial defence and offense tools specifically in American helicopters, Wisconsin's Johnson Controls and Israel's Silentium for solution in lowering of noise in the transportation industry and Pennsylvania's InfraScan, Inc. and Israel's B.R.F. Engineering Ltd. for devices on early detection of abdominal hematoma.

All of these projects are just a fraction of BIRD's existing 835 projects amounting to $295 million. From this investment, $8 billion of sales were generated. The effort of the American and Israeli economies prove to be effective and efficient.