Digital Citizenship Parent Guide

By: Emily Hutton

This is a guide that will help you see what your child has been learning and discovering about how to work and behave effectively on the internet. Enjoy!

Digital Literarcy

This element is geared towards learning the basics of how to learn from and get around the internet productively. By having this knowledge, your child can be a responsible citizen because the skills they will learn will help them develop mature and efficient manner of using the internet saving time not only themselves, but everyone else.

What your child should know about Digital Literary:

  • Knowing different types of search engines such as google, bing, yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Blekko and DeeperWeb.
  • Knowing what each search engine is best at doing: DuckDuckGo = protecting the users privacy, Blekko = gives better quality search results
  • Knowing what each search engine is worst at doing: Google = Bad quality content, Bing = limited information given

Digital Access

This element is how you and others participate in the Internet and technology.

What your child should know about Digital Access:

  • The Digital Divide is the divide of people who have access to the internet and technology and know how to use it vs. the people who do not.
  • A Digital Native is a person who was born in the time when technology was flourishing and they don't know of the days without.
  • The effect of the internet and new technology: it is considered weird and abnormal to not know how to use the internet or have access to it. It now is so easy to get information. Everything is at our fingertips.

Digital Health and Wellness

This element is focused on maintaining your mental and physical health while associating with technology and the Internet.

What your child should know about Digital Health and Wellness:

  • Ergonomics is the study of how well people produce in their working environment.
  • Ergonomics can effect your eyesight and posture.
  • Addiction to the Internet: It is a real thing. People can get so sucked up in theri virtual world that they lose sight or the real world. It's best to restict your child on how many hours they spend on the internet.

Digital Law

This element is the responsibility to know and follow the rules and laws of technology and the Internet.

What your child should know about Digital Law:

  • Fair Use: the rights of public to use copyrighted material. Know what your limits are.
  • Copyright Laws: the rights of the creator/developer to protect their material
  • SOPA/PIPA - the goal was to make it harder for people to steal, sell and distribute pirated work. Although it restricted creators alot so their was protest against it.

Digital Commerce

This element is how to buy and sell goods online.

What your child should know about Digital Commerce:

  • Make sure when buying online you take precautions such as making sure there is a lock symbol at the top to make sure it is secure and trusted website.
  • When writing a review on something make sure you include your own experience of it.
  • Also when writing a review include both bad and good things about or else it will sound like you were paid to write your review.

Digital Secrutity

This element is how to explore and enjoy the internet while being safe and secure.

What your child should know about Digital Security:

  • A strong password includes are variety of numbers, symbols, and letters although they are never in order or a sequence. They also include at least eight letters.
  • A weak password would be a name in the dictionary, common knowledge about you and anything personal.
  • A Digital footprint is the any type of evidence you were ever on the internet while Digital image is how you present yourself or how people see you online.

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