Blasts from the Van Tuyl Past

Can you guess who these folks are?

With my new computer up and running, we reinstalled our photo program and found quick access to some of Dad's old slides I had scanned in a long time ago. So I thought I would share a few. See if you can guess who is in them? And where were they taken? Gold stars if you can get them all right. Problem is, I'm not sure of the answers myself!

Aunt Lucy -- help us out here!

Rosalie and .... ? Melrose, Mass.

Hey, Uncle Clark, where could this be? Pittsburg?

Here's a staircase gang of cousins! Arlington, Va.

Don't forget the family dog -- what was his name? Neil, help us out!

One of the more amazing shots Dad took above the hills of Walpole -- of grandparents I never knew. Who is the little boy? Is it Neil? Lucy, are you standing behind Mother Libby?

There are very few shots of Dad - he was always the one with the camera! Mom must have taken this one. Where?

I don't wear dresses that short anymore.
Have fun with all these. Love, Laura