Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society

SuperSize Me presents a dangerous issue affecting contemporary society; the excessive consumption of food. Certain techniques are used by Morgan Spurlock to present  this issue.

Super Size Me is a documentary about man that does a health experiment. This experiment showcases the affect on excessive consumption of food. This experiment lasted for 30 days Morgan the edited the text to his liking. This technique is used to show his representation of the issue. Selective evidence technique is used to exaggerate the issue presented. In scene where he first goes to get MacDonald's there is a scene where he pukes up the food. this scene did not need to be show but the scene would be less effective in showcasing the issue in hand if the the shot was not added in. This suggest that this technique was intentionally added in portray the issue.

Camera angle are also use to show the excessive consumption of food. In the same scene mentioned above Morgan was holding a 1.5L coke and the was a low camera shot to emphasize the size of the coke. the low angle made the coke look massive. This again is there to give a certain view towards the issue.

Both of these techniques show the excessive consumption of food. This is only presented to the view in a way that is hard to ignore making the issue more prominent in contemporary society.

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