What are Micro-Organisms

Micro-Organisms are living things. They are very small and they can only be seen by a Microscope. Some of the micro-organisms are bacteria or fungi. Micro-organisms are all around us. They also live inside human body. There are a lot of Micro-organisms that are found in pond water. Some of them are Euglena or rotifer. Micro-organisms need food to grow and reproduce. Some of them make there own food while some of them absorb nutrients from waste matter or dead organisms.

Diseases caused by Viruses

Micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi can cause diseases. These diseases are called Infectious diseases. Viruses are smaller than bacteria and they can only be seen by a special microscope. Viruses reproduce by taking over the cells of living organisms. chicken pops, cold, influenza, measles, mumps etc are caused by Viruses. viruses can br cured by antiviral medicines.

Diseases caused by bacteria

Bacteria is bigger than Viruses. Cholera, typhoid fever, tuberculosis etc are caused by bacteria. Food poisoning is also caused by bacteria. Some type bacteria is harmful but some of it is useful. It protect us from different harmful micro-organisms in our body. it can be cured by antibiotics.

Diseases caused by fungi

Fungal diseases can usually be caused by common fungi which is found in our air. An example is an athletes foot. athletes foot is a fungal infection. It causes the skin to itch. It can be cured by antifungal diseases.

Micro-organisms and Food decay

Micro-organisms can cause the food to spoil. Food provides nutrients to micro-organisms. Micro-organisms feed on food to grow. Eating spoilt food can cause food poising.

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