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Claudio's Motivations

Claudio comes back from war and falls in total love with Hero. He then confesses his love to Don Pedro and to Leonato and gains the right to take hero as his wife. Once Borachio and Margret misleading bacony seen passes Claudio feels betrayed and immediatly changes from love to intense hatred for hero. Then Dogberry reveals the scandal and his love imediatly returns. when Claudio says But now I am return'd and that war-thoughts

Have left their places vacant, in their rooms
Come thronging soft and delicate desires,
All prompting me how fair young Hero is,

Saying I lik'd her ere I went to wars.

character development

Through out the story claudio's views on hero change through out the development of the story. when he arrives from war he is confident and in absolute love with hero. he jumps into things quickly and without much thought as shown when he speaks with Don pedro about his affection with hero he admits to being totally in love after not seeing her for over a year and seeing her for the first time. when don pedro and claudio are talking claudio says CLAUDIO

My liege, your Highness now may do me good.
My love is thine to teach. Teach it but how,
And thou shalt see how apt it is to learn
Any hard lesson that may do thee good.

this shows that authority respects him because they are willing to help him.

claudio is a major character in the story. if he was not in the play then hero would've never discovered love and the storyline would've never taken place. Claudio is a Eros lover bc he just wants the physical aspect of hero. this is shown when he freaks out where she is accused of cheated on him because if he really loved her he would've respected her and forgiven her

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