American Sniper
Connor Lee, Brent Wedell

Did Chris Kyle really shoot a boy who was concealing a grenade?

        - "NO". But according to the film Chris Kyle does shoot and kill a little boy and his mother, he did this because the mother handed the kid that looked to be a grenade. The little kid stated running toward the U.S. Marine Convoy. As soon as he started running toward the convoy Chris Kyle took the shot and killed the kid. Once he fell to the ground the mother started running towards them and pulls out a grenade and Chris takes the shot and kills her as soon as shes about to throw the grenade at the convoy.

        -In the book, a woman does come out of a small house with her child, but she approaches the convoy by herself as she conceals something beneath her clothes. She sets a Chinese grenade, not a Russian RKG. Kyle hesitates shooting the woman but does take the shot. The grenade drops and he fires again as it's exploding. It was "the only time I killed anyone other than a male combatant," writes Kyle. In the book, he indicates that this is his first kill in Iraq. In his autobiography, Chris Kyle does scope a child at one point. The moment is also depicted in the movie. The combatants had sent the child down the street to retrieve an RPG (in the movie, a nearby boy simply wanders over and picks up the RPG). "I had a clear view in my scope," writes Kyle, "but I didn't fire. I wasn't going to kill a kid, innocent or not. I'd have to wait until the savage who put him up to it showed himself on the street."

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