Motivation is so important for employer as he needs to keep his employees at full throttle keeping them inspired and ready to work which isn't by always using money.


Maslo spent his entire life looking onto how the best way was to motivate employees. He knew that obviously you needed your basic needs but to fulfill your potential you must get to the top which is where you feel complete.


Working in the same place day after day can be so depressing for anyone, so a which a employer could motivate his employee could be to rotate his job, for example instead of sitting at a desk all day you could go round helping anyone with paperwork. This is helpful as you feel happier that you are being rotataed and not expected to repeat your life continuously.


Job empowerment is when a worker can be given a responsibility for decision making mattering on their original work tasks.


Job enrichment is where the employer can redesign a particular job so the worker could possibly feel challeneged as they have to get used to redoing that job in a different manner.


Team work is so crucial in a business as without it progression in the business is so difficult to get. With teamwork comes people willing to socialise and compare ideas which improves working environments therefore the employer is getting the full potential out of his workers.