iDream LT 5 Final Assessment Part A

By: Gavin Brown


The first image of the wall is an example of absorption. The reason for this is because the wall is absorbing different light rays in different spots to project the different colors to our eyes. This is absorption because the flat surface is absorbing the colors which are then seen by our eyes as the colors maroon, yellow, and white.


The second image of the cloud is an example of transmission. The reason for this is because not only is the light passing through the cloud but it is also coming through the window that this picture was taken behind. This is transmission because the light from the sun is going through a flat surface and is visible on the other side.


The third image is an example of reflection. The reason for this is because the flat surface of the vending machines glass is reflecting back at us. This is reflection because the glass of the vending machine is a flat surface that is taking in the light and reflecting our reflections back at us similar to a mirror.

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