Minerals and The Rock Cycle


There are many ways to tell which mineral is which. Most of the time you need to have more than one test to figure out the mineral.

Color is the least effective yet the easiest because the colors to most minerals change due to impurities with a few exceptions.

Luster is the shine of the surface. This splits the choices down to half.

Streak is very reliable to use. The streak is the powder of the mineral. The streak's color most likely will not vary.

Cleavage is when you break something and it splits int thin sheet sheets. This is useful because it can be done on mineral grains.

The hardness of a mineral is probably the most accurate. The hardness is how resistant is it to being scratched. Talc id the softest and diamond is the hardest. The mohs scale measures all of this.

The shape is useful if the  mineral had enough space to make its shape

The Acid test is to see if the mineral reacts in chemical changes from some certain fluids

Rock Cycle

Ingenious rocks are rocks that used to be magma. When on the inside of the earth they can pressured to make metamorphic and on the outside they can be eroded to make sediments.

Sedimentary rocks are made out of compressed sediments. Can be heated to very high temperatures to make magma or pressured to make metamorphic

Metamorphic Rocks are rocks that have pressured over huge amounts of time. They can melted to make magma or eroded to make sediments.

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