How Junk Food Affects the Stomach

For this experiment, my teammates and I collected three stomach samples, provided by our anatomy teacher. The purpose of this experiment was to see which grouping of food was the worst- salty, sodium enriched food, sugary candies, and sugary, cake based foods. It is well known that these types of foods are considered "junk food" and that about 40% of children's diets in the U.S. come from foods enriched in saturated fats and sugars. So our group decided to dig deeper to see the effects of these foods on the stomach. We assumed that if we allowed the stomachs to sit in the food for 3 days, then we would be able to see which one had the worst effects the stomach.

To start out, we coated the stomach chunks with oil to imitate the mucus found in a normal stomach. Then we liquified Lays Potato Chips (A), Skittles Candy (C), and Sugar Donuts (B), using approximately 100 ml of water in each substance and liquifying it all in the blenders found at the lab table. After retrieving the food solutions and placing them in labeled cups, we sat them on the lab table for 3 full days to see the effects the solutions had on the stomach- making sure that we weighed them and took pictures of the progress daily.  The data retrieved is shown below:

Pre-experiment - Skittles: 14.8g, Donuts: 16.5g, Chips: 31.5g

Day 1- Skittles: 18.0g, Donuts: 25.1g, Chips: 31.4g; Skittles turned stomach a purplish color, both chips and donuts remained pink

Day 2- Skittles: 18.9g, Donuts: 28.6g, Chips: 23.2g; skittles turned stomach a darker purple, chips stomach is a bit yellowish green, and donuts stomach remained pink

Day 3- Skittles: 18.9g, Donuts: 25.7g, Chips: 24.5g; skittles turned stomach almost black, chips stomach had more green than Day 2, and donut stomach remained pink


Upon reviewing our work, we noticed that the numbers in our data didn't seem to make sense, even though that was the weight recorded everyday. We came to the conclusion that maybe chunks of food stuck to the stomach daily, and some were bigger than others on certain days. we also concluded that the chips were better for you than the skittles and donuts, because the skittles caused a dramatic color change and the donuts weighed more than both of the other substances.

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