Feeling as if everything was on top of you? Then look no further, because help is at hand!

Can`t breathe? Wardrobes bursting? Drawers full? It`s time to de-clutter with a little help of moi - your little Fairy Wardrobe Godmother.

Where: London/Watford/Rickmansworth area

What`s going on:

  • I will help you to clear your wardrobes, drawers and your mind and bring tranquillity and order back into your life.
  • I will show you how to organise your possessions, keep the things that are really special to you, and how to let go of those things you no longer need.

How much: For one time only, I am offering a special deal for the first 2 customers of £25 for three hour. Yes, THREE hours of Fairy Wardrobe Godmother magic!

This is an unbeatable offer and it will end on 7th April 2014. Book now before this amazing opportunity ends.

P. S. It might involve cakes...

The hardest hurdles can be overcome with a friend. All you need is me!

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