Why I should go to The NEW WORLD

Money, the glory, gold, power. It could all be yours.  Lend me a mere 1.5 million pounds for I will pay you back 1.5 million pounds + 50% of my earning in 6 years.  Don't ruin your perfect reputation miss and send me to the New World.

Smell the gold yet, 50 % of my earning will be double this.  Maybe it could even be triple. 

I'll make it to the New World with one way.  First I will follow the Spanish route, than go a bit higher than were the Spanish colonist colonzed. Then I will befriend the people who had lived there.  After that the saying No pain No Gain will become No pain much to gain.

We are very behind, Queen Elizabeth the I.  Spanish people, and French people have colonized parts of the new world.  We need a lot of catching up.  With your help, I could even rob the Spanish and French of their land and claim it for England.  With the Indians help we could conquer the world. 

I'm planning to leave for the New World in May for it is the least part of the hurricane season in the year 1599 to get a good start.  Columbus has planned to arrive on 1493 in Asia, for he much more experienced than us. I shall befriend the Indians and make them do for our cause.  With them on my side, I could steal Spanish and French's land.   

I am a true England citizen and Whatever I'll do, It will be for my country and you.  I will give you the power you deserve, the wealth, and the valuables.  I will make your citizens proud.

For England and Queen Elizabeth

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