Christina Ferrante, attorney at law - An Inspirational Person

Christina Ferrante, attorney at law, is an inspiration for any aspiring lawyer. She has demonstrated her extraordinary talent as a lawyer and person of integrity for over 20 years. One of the first steps in becoming a lawyer is graduating from law school. Graduating law school is not an easy endeavor, and, for this reason, many otherwise aspiring lawyers are deterred from pursuing their dream. Christina, always looking out for the younger generations, has taken the time to express a few tips that she believes will help a young man or woman graduate from law school.

First, she says it is important for a law student to pride themselves in endurance. The idea that law school will be a walk in the park must be dispelled immediately. Most things of high value in life must be earned through hard work, says Christina. The law student who takes pride in enduring through the difficulty of the task will emerge as successful. This endurance can only be founded on the strong desire to become a lawyer.

Law students must also be good time managers, continues Christina Ferrante, attorney at law,. It is important for a law student to get on a routine in which his or her time spent reading or studying is most productive. It is more beneficial for a law student to spend four productive hours in the library than eight unproductive hours.

The reason for this leads to Christina's next tip, which is for a law student to create time for leisure and relaxation. Without leisure and relaxation, the rigors of law school are sure to burn a person out. Being an expert time manager is essential to both retaining the information you learn in your studies and maintaining a fresh mind. Christina Ferrante, attorney at law, attributes her ability to get through law school to her endurance and time management skills.

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