The Mattaponi Tribe - NFry

By: Noah Fry


Their resources were fish, deer, and birds they depended on these foods they didn't have that big a vary of choices.

History of The Tribe

In 1607, the Mattaponi tribe were identified by name by the english explorers, John Smith and others who noted they were living along the Mattaponi river.The Mattaponi occupy their reservation throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.They agreed with the settlers that the reservation was their land. To this day, The Mattaponi tribe still is alive and has a reservation.


They used fish, deer, squirrel, birds, fish hatcheries, burial grounds, and even reservations. They used these things a lot back 400 years ago when they had a plethora of land. Before the settlers came they had many more products but now the settlers took over their land and ran them out of their homes but they still had their reservation so the whole tribe came up with other tribes and untied together for more products.

Fun Facts

  • Became apart of the Powhatan alliance
  • Originated in Virginia
  • Lived in Wigwams or also known as Longhouses
  • They spoke Algonquian
  • hunted a lot
  • used most of their free time to practice archery and carve

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