The Final Breath Of Life

This is one of many NAZI gas chambers that were in use through WWII. This particular chamber was located at the Majdanek death camp.

As seen this gas chamber has blue stains all over the walls and the ceiling which come from the use of the blue zyklon b pellets over and over again. The NAZI party used this specific blend of zyklon b likely due to its effectiveness over other brands of zyklon b that may not have left behind blue stains.

This gas chamber is from one of the most well known death camps, Auschwitz.

These NAZI chambers are the last thing that many people ever saw before they died, in general all of the chambers used by the NAZI party were equally dull and depressing giving it an overall look of death. These chamber when in use were dark and had no lighting, the lighting was added after the fact for tourism.

This is the hole in which Zyklon B gas pellets were dropped down into a room full of NAZI prisoners located at the Majdanek death camp

The deadly zyklon b pellets were dropped down these shoots into the crouds of NAZI prisoners who were awaiting their last breaths of life.

Zyklon B gas chamber hole located at Auschwitz death camp
Zyklon B container and pellets

The NAZI party discovered the effectiveness of zyklon b gas through experimentation. This gas was originally created to kill parasites, bacteria, and pests but then it was turned into an infamous killer. These pellets would start to vaporize when they came into contact with air making it easy for the NAZI party to drop them into the chambers and then it would do all of the work for them.

This video shows how much of this gas was used and what it really looked like.

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