Mikayla Schoolen and Victoria Kays East 4/15/15

In Congo...
-you only eat with your right hand
- oldest male eats first, then other men, then women, and lastly children
-you have to take off your shoes before eating
-toes and feet must be pointed away from food and other diners

Congo is located in Africa
Congolese eat with their right hand
They sit with their toes facing away from food and other diners


We found it suprising that they had to eat with their toes facing a certain way, and that the children eat last. This is different from the US because in the US we usually eat at a table and it doesnt matter which way your toes are pointed. This is also different from the US because we usually eat all together instead of seperated by age and gender. It is important to learn the etiquette rules before traveling to a country so you dont offend the people or their customs or get in trouble.

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