The Diary of Anne Frank

Book project, Mrs. Watts, Block 6

Anne Frank was a teenager who lived in Amsterdam during World War II and the Holocaust. Her family originally lived in Germany. Her father fought in World War I for Germany. He moved his family to Holland when the Jews were being targeted by the Nazis. Unfortunately, he didn't move his family far enough because Hitler invaded Holland and the Frank family was in danger again. In an attempt to stay safe, Otto Frank hid his family (and another family and a German dentist) in the top floors of his warehouse building. Anne called this "the Secret Annex."  Anne wrote regularly in her diary during her time in hiding. The Franks stayed safely hidden for nearly two years before they were betrayed and the Nazis discovered them. Everyone who hid in the Secret Annex except Otto Frank perished in Concentration Camps before the war ended. Otto Frank published his daughter's diary as a legacy. It is a vivid insight into the life of Jews during World War II and the Holocaust.

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