Gun Training For Teacher Shows Guns in Schools still a Hot Issue.

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Posted: 11/03/2014  12:01 am






This happening all over the states but mainly in Colorado and Texas.


Currently the issue of whether teachers should be allowed to have guns in schools is being discussed due to the concern growing on how schools can protect kids from outside threats.


Recently their has been many gun control issues. This is a widely discussed topic but one of the main gun control topics discussed was wether or not a teacher should be allowed to carry guns inside schools. This idea has been widely discussed but ridiculed by democratic committees. Although the idea has been shot down it isn't going anywhere. In Texas teachers are allowed to carry guns if they are legally trained. Many other school are on board with this but the superintendent disagrees. Anti-gun groups say their are better ways to keep everyone safe. Such as security and better surveillance.  They also have said that many teachers would much rather have better safety measure then to have to learn how to use a gun. But on the other hand you have the people who say that they want to know that their children are safe and have some way to defend themselves along with the teacher.

Reasons To Take Awareness

This topic is important because many kids are in school and their have been a number of school shootings. We need to fix this issue and come to a decision on how we will handle safety of schools.

The Big Problem?

The problem with all of this is that this issue puts lives in danger. The teachers have no way to protect themselves or the kids. Also their isn't enough security in school for this to never even be a problem. Parents should have a say on whether or not the teachers have guns. They send their kids to school and expect them to be safe. If we don't figure out how to solve this issue and just keep putting it on hold then more lives could be risked.

Stand Point?

My opinion on the issue is that teachers should be allowed to have some form of a weapon. I don't think teachers should be allowed to have guns because they aren't a for sure thing. Guns can misfire and guns are the problem at hand. Although I don't think guns are a viable option I do believe that teachers should have a weapon to protect themselves. We can't keep letting people come into our schools and making it into a nightmare. Its not fair to the people that go there everyday to learn and make friends.

Hannah Bowman English 9

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