Week 21: Feedly

Congratulations, friends ... you've made it through 21 weeks of Techy Tips! I don't know about you, but I've learned a lot throughout this process. If you're not already a regular subscriber to my Tucker Tech Talk blog, I hope you'll consider it now. This week's techy tip is about Feedly, an easy way to gather and read content from multiple blogs.

I follow to all sorts of blogs ... craft blogs, inspirational blogs, comedy blogs, recipe blogs, nerd blogs, teacher blogs, etc. Rather than having to go to each and every blog every few days to see if anything has been posted, I subscribe to different blogs with a tool called Feedly.  Feedly is a news/RSS aggregator. Don't let that scare you though. That simply means that you can use this one application to gather content from blogs, news feeds, and a variety of online sources.

This video, by Richard Byrne (one of my favorite bloggers), walks you through the entire process to create a Feedly account, begin subscribing to content, and adding categories.

Getting Started

  1. Go to Feedly
  2. Click Login and sign in with a Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, or Evernote account. (FYI: The Microsoft account option will require your personal Microsoft account, not your Office 365 account at this time.)
  3. Search for content and add it to your Feedly feed. (Try searching for tuckertechtalk.com, and click the green plus symbol for Tucker Tech Talk (not the comments feed.)
As soon as you have content added to your feed, you can customize the way it appears in your Feedly account. I personally prefer to read it in Title Only view, but you should spend some time figuring out what works best for you.

Follow via Email

Many blogs and news sites offer a way for readers to subscribe to their content via email. Many people prefer this way because they already check email regularly and like to get their content and updates in this familiar environment. That's great if it works for you. I already get so much other email that requires attention that I prefer not to subscribe to many blogs via email, but that's a personal choice you get to make!

Look around on the blogs you follow and see if you can find a place to subscribe via email. To subscribe to my Tucker Tech Talk blog via email, enter your email address and click Sign Up in the Email Notifications area on the right side of the blog.

If you're an Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD employee, you may also want to subscribe to the EM-S ISD ITs blog via email. Just add your email address and click Submit.

Feedly Apps

If you prefer reading your blogs and other web content on a mobile device, check out one of these free Feedly apps ...

If you have another device, check here to see if there's a Feedly app or option for you!

Additional tools you might like ...

If you're a OneNote user, you may want to check out this Feedly + OneNote: Better Together video on how you can use these two applications together. I'm adding this to my Summer-To-Do list!

What do you think?

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