Christmas Light Webquest

How does the type of circuit affect the strand of Christmas Lights with a burned out bulb?

Independent Variable = Parallel circuit and Series circuit

Dependent Variable = light bulb

If the Christmas Light are arranged in a parallel circuit, then when 1 bulb bursts the other bulbs the other bulbs still light up.

When I took away one bulb, the other surrounding bulbs continued to light up.

They lit up because they ere not all connected

If the Christmas Lights are arranged in a series circuit, then when 1 bulb burst the other bulbs don't light up either

The lights were all connected to each other in a series

When I removed a bulb, all the other lights went out because it affected them since they were all connected on one wire.

In conclusion, it is a better idea to get Christmas Lights with a parallel circuit so when one bulb burns out it won't affect the others.

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