Sports Basement Volunteers At Surfrider Earth Day Beach Cleanup

Sports Basement Volunteers

The beach. Who does not want to spend their time there? Most people would take the opportunity to have a great time doing nothing (or just about anything) on the beach. The sun, the sand, the waves... everything is just so enticing. However, most people may enjoy the beach but they do not do their share when it comes to keeping it clean. That is why Sports Basement is making a move so as to help clean up the beach. This is what they are doing with their Surfrider Earth Day Beach Cleanup.

Sports Basement is an organization that has sent out a call for all those individuals who would like to serve as volunteers for the cleanup. It was a massive effort to get anyone who was interested involved in this very important move. They were successful in doing so and were able to gather quite a huge number of individuals who did the hard work of cleaning up the beach. They worked with other partners in the area who were non-profit. They were all about making sure that the beach was cleaned and that people realized how important it was to make sure that they were cleaning up after themselves after enjoying some time there.

The whole activity was worth it. To be able put everything together, they had worked with Surfrider Foundation. It was a good move as they both had the same goal in mind and so they were able to work things out quite well. They chose to do it last Sunday, April 19th as Earth Day is also celebrated during this month.

Aside from just cleaning up the beach and everything that was washed up there, the volunteers were also able to learn more about the importance of the sea and the waters. They were also able to get more information on what keeps these places dirty and the real problems that people are causing. They were also able to be more knowledgeable on how to actually help clean these up and keep them free from dirt and garbage and waste.

During the event, those who came first were able to get a t-shirt that was made especially for the Surfrider Earth Day Beach Cleanup. Only the first 100 who went out and volunteered were able to get such. It definitely is a huge perk for just being there early. Aside from the shirt, the volunteers were also given the chance to enjoy the company of other volunteers and also the rest of the day with a BBQ that was given by the organizers.

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