The Grump

For why was I put here to sit alone in this jail of a chair, where I sit in rage and anger.

Why was I put here?


I was put here to pay the price of a crime that I deny  committing

Is it wrong to jail a confused boy or be jailed for not following along to the correct steps?

I think so but nobody cared.

I was a leader at the front of every line but lost it as quickly as it came, as soon as I sat in that chair.

I was betrayed by those commissioned over me.

They obliterated any of that reputation that was left of me

as I sat in that chair

with a cold dead stare of

pure anger.

I watched as my peers bolted out the door to see their friends

while I sit in that chair.

away in a space filled with unease and dread.

Finally the sixmagic words “alright you are free to go,” I ran out to meet those on the outside

But note those who were commissioned over me, never let me forget that moment.

The time I spent in that chair.

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