Sydney Blais

Crimson's Crime

Crimson had never been the type of monster that liked to see the human world happy. He was sick of seeing everyone walk around all smiling and cheerful all of the time. So he stole something that would slowly wipe away the world's happiness... the color red.


At first the color red may not seem that important since there are six other colors in the rainbow, but one might say red is one of the most important. When Halloween approached there was no red for the fake blood or devil costumes. Since red is one of the colors that make up orange the Halloween colors now became black and yellow.

Devil - Free Images on Pixabay

Then once the Christmas season rolled around there was no bright shining red decorations. Santa Clause no longer had a red suit and candy canes were now just white. Now not only was Crimson making people upset, but he was affecting businesses too!

Free Vector Graphic: Santa, Claus

And if Christmas wasn't bad enough once Valentines day came it became a black and white holiday! All of the pink and red hearts were just shades of gray. No red velvet cake was served on anymore Valentines days. Hearts were broken, but not red.

amor-arrows-A5 | Flickr

Just when it seemed like life without the color red couldn't get any worse the Fourth of July came... People all over America were in an outrage without one of their nations colors. They could only celebrate with blue and white.

File:Flag of the United States.svg

The world was in complete misery without the color red. Nothing was the same anymore, but Crimson was happy because he had done his job of making people unhappy.

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