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Pocahontas saved John Smith
Captain John Smith

Captain John Smith became involved on the 20th of Decemeber he joined an expedition to the New World. Within two weeks of being on the New World colonists had died. By fall of 1607 more than half of the original colonists had died from disease, starvation, and from wounds cause by indians. The ecounter with the Powhatan leader and John Smith initiated a friendlier relationship between the colonists and natives. John Smith had a massive role on American history, he saved Jamestown by befriending the indians which opened trade with the natives, he taught the colonists also how to farm saving Jamestown. He imposed strict dicipline to the colonists with four hours a day of farming. John became actively involved with plans by the Virginia Company to colonize Virginia for a profit. He was elected president of the local council in 1608. John Smith had a impacting role in the American history by saving Jamestown and befriending the Powhatans.

Captain John Smith

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