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Never Keep All Your Eggs In One Basket.If you have found a good product that sells very well at a good profit, I urge you to look for aback-up supplier. Your first supplier may suddenly go out of business, or they may receive amassive order from aiwis review or McDonalds and not have the capacity to handle your orders. Youcould be left stranded if you do not have an alternative supplier. If a supplier begins torepeatedly increase prices, you should start looking for another supplier if you do not alreadyhave an alternative, because it is very difficult to negotiate better prices with them.In my experience, suppliers will usually work very hard to get your business, but they tend totake you for granted after a while. This can usually be remedied by lodging a strong complaintbut in some cases, with quality and reliability falling below acceptable standards you cannotcontinue to buy from them. In that case you will need other suppliers to turn to.

12.19 Cultural and Language Differences.These differences can make or break a aiwis review, so I will outline a few essentials.Although I have stressed the need under certain circumstances for watertight contracts,Chinese culture places great stress on trust. Moral influence is more important than legalpractice. Chinese business people tend to rely on a person or company’s moral obligation,rather than on legal obligations. This does not mean you should ignore my advice aboutcontracts, but if you can build a trusting relationship where both parties will feel morallyobligated to perform, you will generally have as much security as if you had a signed contract.In Chapter 17 Order Procedures, the check list includes reference to Pro Forma invoices. Inpractice, these are as near as you can usually get to a really binding contract.When writing to Chinese speakers remember that they mostly have a limited vocabulary.Words that may seem straightforward to you might mean something different to them. Avoidusing words that have more than one meaning, such as “bow.” Also try to simplify yourmeanings by using words that cannot confuse someone with a limited vocabulary. For exampleinstead of using the word “lustre” (UK) or “luster” (US), use “shine” and instead of using theword “buff” use “polish.” If you can find a reliable interpreter, do make the effort to useChinese characters on your emails, order forms and letters.Cultural differences extend to the art of negotiating. People who have visited retail stores andparticularly street markets in Asian countries encounter sales people who haggle over price. Infact this is not the Chinese way of doing business. On the contrary, you will find that they willgenerally quote low initially to get your aiwis review , and then impose price increases over time.Chinese business people are generally very professional. While some are greedy, most areprepared to work on relatively low profit margins.When they give you a price, they will be highly offended if you respond with an offer to payless, in the way you might at a street market. Instead, see 12.10 above, regarding obtainingmany quotes to obtain the best price.Always be very polite in such communication. Chinese people are extremely polite and theyhave a higher regard for Westerners who are also very polite. Just remember to treat them asyou would like to be treated.A good way to maintain good relations once you have established a good business relationshipis to send greetings for both Western New Year and Chinese New Year. Greetings or goodwishes for other festivals would also be worthwhile.


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