By Abraham Nelson

Journal entry 1

I'm Abraham Nelson private in the Minnesota 22nd from Minnesota. When I was 13 my dad died of a sudden heart attack afterward my mother went into great depression. My mom then died 1 month later because she refused to eat. I lived on the street until I saw the paper it read free food and free shelter in the union army. I marched right down to the office and singed up. They said, "You are to young to be in the army you must be over 18." So I got a sliver of paper and wrote 18 on it then put it in my shoe then they let me in because I said I'm over 18. Now I am in the army and we are marching for Richmond. We are going to whip those Rebs!

Life at camp is full of drills. Here I am drilling after lunch. Every day same thing. #boring

Journal entry 2

General Lindquist: Hey you I'm a cut you open with a arkansas toothpick you fresh fish graybacks.

MR: least I’m still in my trousers and not swim in my handy dandy booties you good for nothing top rail blue bunny.

General Lindquist: I'm not gonna take it you coward you run when you hear the first hornet buzz over your head.

MR: I will slap you silly you little blue bunny. You think your so cool with your whiskers and big feet you jailbird.

General Lindquist: My men have fought brave and you gonna try kill me with those silly pepperboxes you gonna go home and your mommy is gonna be ashamed of you.

MR: You and you untrained army from the filthy part of North america you dirt bag. Put your hands up sister. BOOOOOM

General Lindquist: AHHHHHH you got me.

MR: I winner

Journal entry 3

Dear Jimmy,

I am writing to you to help pass the time.  I hope you will be able to send me a note.  With all my family gone I get lonesome for news from home.  As you were my best buddy in school I thought I would write to you.

I am writing from our camp in what seems like the middle of nowhere.  We're near Washington D.C.  I am resting in my tent.  My tent is set up with the Minnesota 22.  My tent is at the end of the row in my brigade and I am right next to the horses that the cavalry use.  The horses are never quiet so I never get enough sleep.  Like I said I'm taking time to write between chores.  This morning I repaired the roads around camp, but they will probably need repairing again tomorrow.  Soon I will have to wash my uniform.  The rest of the day we spend in drills.  Drills include marching and bayonet practice.  We march for hours!

Our camp is full horror and its not the enemy nor any sickness that is causing this horror. Its our very own general. He is harsh and he does not even let us gamble or drink alcohol. My god, we were fine before this man came!  We were fine, I tell you!  If the General finds us a drink'n we have to wear a wooden barrel for our shirt.  If he finds us disrespecting orders then we must march around the tent carrying a log instead of our rifle. That gives the other soldiers a big laugh.  I have not suffered any of these punishments but these rules are hard to live by.  

As you can see there is little fun here.  So I would really like to hear from you soon.

Your Friend,

Abraham Nelson

Every morning I'm Woken up to the blare of trumpets.

Journal entry #4

Interview with Jeremiah,

Jeremiah, when you chose to leave your mother, what caused you to make that choice?

I chose to join the army and leave my mother because I knew it was the right thing to do and I had no idea that my mother would die at the time. I would go back if I could and try my hardest to save her but there is no going back now. I must go on and keep fighting so my brother will not die in vain.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

Yes I do I am proud of fighting even thought we lost the war and all my family died I fought brave and made money so now I own a small farm and make a living on my farm.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish that my mom could have lived but that I couldn't change If only I could save her but I can't now. I didn't even get to go to the funeral I was at my brothers funeral the day she died. It was a sad day for me that day.

Jeremiah, did seeing war change you?

Yes, I killed two men in that war and they stay with me forever. I felt so bad seeing my brother dead a few days after the battle then the day after that I got a note that my mom died was just two much for me to bear in two days.

This is a picture of some of my freind playing poker.

Journal entry #5

Dear Jimmy

I'm writing to you again this time I have something else that I am a thinking about today. The food at the camp is horrid, let me tell you we eat mainly hard tack, but sometimes we do get some extra salty beef or vegetable cakes. The extra salty beef is so salty that we have to let it set in water for hours before cooking it and yet after that its still very salty. Next we get vegetable cakes they are so terrible that I one time made it into a soup that only made it worse because I learned that its the roots and anything edible that they put in the vegetable cakes not just vegetables. Now for my favorite Hard tack I love it its like eating crackers so I shared the recipe with you so that you can make some to please tell me how you like it in your next letter.

Hard Tack

5 cups flour

3 cups water

1/2 cup salt

Mix all ingredients together then put near fire or hot stones and enjoy.

Also I nearly forgot to tell you what fun I have been having lately I have the fastest lice in the whole camp so far no lice has beaten him I just love lice races they are so fun. Also I like to play with my new dice you sent me.

P.S Write back  

Your Friend


Journal entry #6

Were off to kill confederates hura hura

Were off to kill confederates hura hura

Were off in companies two by two hura hura

Under Grants teaching we’ll win this war hura hura

We don't have time to stop and breathe hura hura

Gunshots blaring and

Cannon shots ringing

Our ears are bleeding

hura hura

Were off to kill confederates hura hura

Were off to kill confederates hura hura

Were off in regiments 3 by 3 hura hura

Under Grants teaching we’ll win this war hura hura

We don't have time to stop and breathe hura hura

Gunshots blaring and

Cannon shots ringing

Our ears are bleeding

hura hura

This is the battery I help move the battery to the battle field its long and wor

Journal entry #7

Today I was shot in the thigh, it is the worst feeling ever. I laid on the field of war for hours until finally I was sent to the hospital. At the hospital I was given a shot of whiskey then they started the most painful experience I have every had. The doctor started to cut out my thigh oh how painful it was. I can't believe that the doctor didn't even wash his hands before cutting open my thigh. What horrible medical work they do here.

This is my home that I got when the war was over and soon got married in it.

Journal entry #8

This is my last journal entry I was sent home days after my thigh was cut out, I can't walk now but I'm fine. I got me a home and then a wife. We live happy at our new home and we will live here for many more year to come. I got in the news a few days ago that the Union won the war that made me feel good because I had not lost my ability to walk for nothing. Now That I ran out of paper I want to be remembered for the sacrifice I gave to hold this country together, may I be remembered as a brave soldier that gave has ability to walk for our nation Abraham Nelson, Minnesota 22nd.

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