English III

History of American Literature

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Office Hours: 7:30-8:00 (Mon - Fri)

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Course Objective

This course is designed to prepare students for college-level work in the Language Arts. Students will increase their proficiency in the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The course focuses on study skills, expository and persuasive writing, and an in-depth study of American literature.

Required Supplies

In addition to any packets or handouts texts provided by the instructor, students will need the following supplies: pencil, blue or black pen, red pen, 3-ring binder with five divider tabs, loose-leaf paper (kept in binder), and the Lincoln-Way East Academic Planner.  

Divider tabs categories: General Info, Literature, Writing, Grammar/ACT, Vocab and Notes


1st Semester Units: Age of Faith, The Crucible, Age of Reason, Romanticism & Transcendentalism, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

2nd Semester Units: Junior Research Paper, ACT Prep, The Great Gatsby, The Road, 12 Angry Men


Students begin each quarter with 25/25 participation points. Points are deducted for not paying attention in class, not bringing required materials, creating disruptions, or failing to contribute to classroom activities/discussion.

Make-Up Work

Arrangements for make-up work and testing need to be made BY THE STUDENT for both excused and unexcused absences. See me BEFORE OR AFTER CLASS to obtain assignments or make arrangements to make up missing work.  In the case of an excused absence, students will be allowed the number of days absent plus one extra day to make up missing assignments. Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to email me while absent to find out what they are missing.


All assignments are due at the beginning of each hour or they will be considered late. There is a 50% deduction for work turned in late, and late work is only accepted one day after the due date.  The 50% penalty is deducted after the assignment is graded.

Grading Procedures

Student work will be graded on a point system that weighs the value of tests/quizzes, papers, assignments, and class activities.  Semester Exams will be weighted as 1/5 of the semester grade, with each quarter grade weighted as 2/5 of the semester grade. Grades are rounded up at the semester, but not at the quarter.

Academic Integrity

Cheating and/or plagiarism can occur in a number of ways.  It includes but isn't limited to: not citing your research, presenting another person's writing as your own, copying homework from another student, intentionally viewing another students responses on a quiz/test, etc.  

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