Mark Zuckerberg

By: McKenzie D. & Gabby C.

Back Story

        Mark at an early age was interested in technology. At age 12 he made a program called "Zuckernet". His father who was a dentist used this program everyday at his work to communicate. Marks family also used it at home to communicate. In his high school years he created a early version of the software called Pandora  which he called "Synapse".  Several companies showed interest in the software (AOL & Microsoft). He declined their offers. Mark attended collage at Harvard where he made more and more software's. (Facemash, Coursematch, & Harvard Connection) With some of his friends they soon created a social network where you could upload pictures, create your own profile, and communicate with other user. This was known as "Facebook".


  • Created Facebook
  • Donated Money to charities
  • Connected many people through Facebook
  • Joined the Giving Pledge

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