Clothing line they like, how many hours do you watch tv per day?
Mrs. Jenkins December19,2013

here are some surveys that we did in AFM. The survey i picked for this which clothing they like between polo,Nike,Levi,Jordan, and Adidas or invalid

This is my frequency table of which clothing line that was picked. Nike was was picked 57 times following polo with 36.

This is a histogram of the which clothing line people like. Most people like wearing Nike,polo,Levi,Jordan, and Adidas.Jordan was the least picked people mostly wear Jordan shoes.

this is my frequency table of how many hours people watch tv per day. Many people watch tv 2-3 hours a day and some watch it 5 hours.

This is my histogram of how many hours people watch tv per day. Most people watch TV 2-3 hours a day.

This is my box and whisker plot which show the minimum number Q1, median, Q3, and the maximum of the data i have.

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