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Commercial hunters and trappers must be licensed to hunt and sell animals for human consumption

sillars says trappers can cut themselves on axes or knives, drown or get lost. Trappers and hunters must be able to survive under harsh wilderness conditions.

The trappers say, however, that they are actually considered the first conservationists, controlling animal populations and collecting vital biological data for wildlife and environmental organization

You need to have an interest in animals

. Many also skin animals and sell the pelts to the fur and leather industries. In addition, professional hunters control animal populations.

Illegal commercial hunters, or poachers, have no regard for the future of the species

The work is extremely seasonal because it depends on the hunting seasons.

Animals are caught or killed using a 22-caliber pistol and traps, such as foothold traps, snares, conibears, box traps and egg traps, which cost from $5 to $300, says Sillars.

When asked about the dangers of the job, Sillars says that nature doesn't pick sides

Out-of-season trapping occurs only when measures are necessary to control nuisance animals -- such as the work Langman does.

a trapper must make some quick, informed decisions to save his or her life," says Meredith

Trappers suspiciously view outsiders -- those not in the profession -- as possible animal rights

Trappers who work in animal control must also have a separate license for that activity.

Trappers in Louisiana can certainly attest to nutrias' damage to the wetlands.

Each trapper works their trapline, a route where they set traps to catch animals. Learning each animal's biological habits is essential to choosing the right traps for the right animals.

July and August is when many trappers and hunters swap guns and traps for nets and poles

most states require trappers to take trapping courses