Class Size Reports & Waivers

Directions / Information

Class size reports must be completed and submitted to the Program Specialist or the Specialist for the Related Service area immediately following the 10 day count at the beginning of the school year.  High schools will need to do this again following the 10th day of the 2nd semester.  The links below proivide step-by-step instructions for opening and saving the report, and instructions for completing the form.  There are also step by step directions for different situations such as adding blocks of time, the correct way to document coop classes, working at multiple schools, caseload reports for related service providers and what to do when you exceed your class size limit or caseload.  Let's start with the correct way to open and save the report.

Opening and Saving the Report

Completing the Class Size Form

Next let's look at completing the class size report.

Completing the Caseload Form

There are a few changes for related service personnel.  For one thing, you will not complete the entire form.  Watch the video for instruction for completing the caseload report form.

Adding Blocks of Time

If your school or your schedule has more than 7 periods, watch this video for directions on adding additional blocks of time to the class size report.

Coop Schedules

Coop teachers often work between 2 or 3 class rooms during the same period.  This video will show you how to complete the class size report to accurately reflect your schedule and students.

Multiple Schools

Many of you work between multiple schools.  This video shows you how to reflect this on the class size report without having to complete a separate report for each school.

Considerations / Class Size Waiver

If the number of EC students receiving services in your room at one time exceeds the class size limit policy you will be asked to complete paperwork necessary to  submit a waiver request to DPI.  You will need to answer a series of questions about your students and classroom titled "Considerations When Requesting a Class Size Waiver" and attach that to a waiver form.  First we will look at completing the considerations page.

Considerations / Caseload Waiver

For related service providers, if your total caseload is over 50, you will need to answer a series of questions titled "Considerations When Requesting a Caseload Waiver".  You will answer the questions and submit this sheet along with the waiver request to the specialist over your service area.  Let's look at the considerations page for the caseload overage.

Waiver Form

Once you have answered the questions on the considerations page, you need to complete and sign the waiver form.  Let's take a look at that form and who needs to sign this form.