Biblical Terms

"Paradise Lost"


Holy Spirit- the third person in the trinity

Eden- the place where Adam and Eve lived in the biblical account of the creation

Heaven- the home of God, the angels, and the souls of those who are granted salvation

Archangel- a high ranking angel

Sinai- the mountain where Moses recieved the Ten Commandments

Sion Hills- Zion or Sion is symbolical Jerusalem, the promised land, Isreal's hope of returning to Palestine, and of heaven or God's dwelling place with his people

Seraphim- an angelic being

Palestine- the holy land


Hell- the home of the condemned souls and the devil

Satan- the evil adversary of God; the devil

Serpent- biblical name for Satan, who tempted Eve

Beelzebub- one of the fallen angels in Milton's paridise lost

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