I use paint and other materials to express my feelings.  I blend colors, shapes, sizes and textures in ways that fascinate me and possibly stimulate you to imagine, fantasize, feel, wonder, be amused and hopefully enjoy the viewing experience.

My background in Psychology and how one perceives visual phenomenon,  added to my extensive travels throughout the world observing various cultures and their unique representations of their worlds has inspired my paintings.

Dwight was born and grew up in Maine, obtaining a liberal arts degree at Colby College.  He attended Columbia University receiving a PHD. in Psychology, which focused on how one visualizes and responds to color, shapes, designs and various forms of lighting.  He was a tenured professor at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, teaching the art of integrating the various forms of visual information into color and forms pleasing to the eye.

Dwight spends his time divided between his art studios in Scottsdale Arizona and Denver Colorado.

His paintings are held by many private collectors.