Career Research Project

Trace Johnson

Necessary Job Skills

  • Must have good hand eye coordination
  • Must be able to think logically and analytically
  • Must be able to manage time well
  • Must have good communication skills

Education Requirements

  • Most Orthodontists are required to have a bachelor's degree in science
  • An orthodontist must complete dental school, which takes four years
  • An orthodontist must also complete residency training, which takes about 4 years

The University of Iowa

       The University of Iowa is a college located in Iowa City, Iowa that has about 21,974 students. It costs about $26,931 per year for tuition and fees. University of Iowa also offers Division I athletics and various other clubs and groups. They have a good pre-dentistry program, which is the field I want to go into. Overall, with more than 200 majors and minors available, the University of Iowa is the college for me.

Famous Quote

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Wayne Gretzky

       This quote is one of my favorite quotes because of the many situations in which it can be applied. This quote applies to my life now because I am trying to get a job at a golf course and have talked to the owner several time but he has not given me a clear response yet. I realized that if I don't go talk to him again I will never get the job, and that the only chance I have to get the job is to keep asking. In the future, I think this quote will help me to try for something I want no matter how large or small the chance of success is.

Role Model

         My role model would have to be my grandpa. My grandpa is a great example for me because he cares more about others than himself and he always gives 100% at what he is doing. My grandpa is heavily involved in Rebuilding Together, which is an organization that helps rebuild peoples' houses that can't afford it. I have followed my grandpa's model by working with him on a few Rebuilding Together projects. He has been able to change the lives of several people by just volunteering for one day.

        Another reason I want to follow my grandpa's lead is because he always gives 100% at everything he does. My grandpa has been able to change the way I think about certain things because he taught me to try my hardest even if you don't enjoy what you are doing. I'm sure that his mindset has rubbed off on other people as well as me. Overall, my grandpa's thoughts and actions have had a powerful impact on my life.


       Orthodontists are able to treat various issues with teeth alignment and cosmetics. Many people think braces are just for cosmetics, but in the article it clearly states, ¨Orthodontic care is not just cosmetic in nature. It also can benefit long-term dental health¨ (¨Orthodontics: Braces and More.¨). This article explains that orthodontists can correct bite irregularities, such as a cross bite or an open bite, that may lead to serious health problems if not treated correctly. Orthodontists use braces and retainers to move the teeth and hold them in the correct positions. Most orthodontists treat teens because they are in the prime age to get braces. Overall, Orthodontists preform more tasks than  people think.

"Orthodontics: Braces and More." Braces Orthodontics and Orthodontic Care of Other Types. Aetna, Inc., 2014. Web. 21 May 2014.

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