Factual Media Product Analysis

Sky News Online


The tone of the language used is quite advanced but used in a way which is comprehendible by the reader.Through the use of simple sentences highlighting the topic of the story, the reader can find out all of the information without reading the main text body of the article. It is generally written this way purposely, as when editing non-fiction text like a newspaper article, editors will edit from the bottom so all of your essential information needs to be at the height of the story.


The language within this online news publishing will have to be relatively PC. When writing general news there is no specific stereotypical or archetypical target audience, so would have to be written in such a way it can only be perceived in a single way, by a range of different readers, without being ambiguous. Personal opinions are out of the question, as due to Sky News' brand reputation with the British public, they need to remain a reliable, unbiased source of information.

Layout and Presentation

The description of the layout of this web page is very alike the way I would describe the content; Clear and concise. With simple sentences strictly following the SVO rule, the reader finds their main source of vital information at the forefront of the article. If that takes their interest they can click on the headline to find a body text in a non-bold, small sized font which explains and analyses the story in depth. Near the top of the page, single noun headings e.g. Entertainment, classify news into different groups so that the reader can click of one of their choosing to browse any news which falls under that specific category. The headlining stories are paired with a complementing photograph which assists with imagery of the news story.


The content within each article needs to be clear and informative. Within the opening paragraph the writer has always mentioned the who, what, where, when and occasionally the why as well. This is generally to draw the reader in and keep them interested in the article. on the other hand could be as a source of convenience for those who may not have enough time to read the full article but require the need to know's of the days news. For example, if a murder had taken place, it would usually open with when and where it happened, focus upon the victim and then go on to further describe the suspect or criminal, and explain what consequence they are receiving. If a crime article, usually the least important information would be at the bottom, for example witness statements, statements made by the police or other similar relevant monitoring bodies and opinions of the public along with a way of getting in touch to help with the case.

"On the other hand..."

Some readers may not feel as if the section strange news is appropriate for a formal news publisher as does not generally sit with Sky News' codes and conventions of their brand. Some of the headlines on the Sky News we site quote the opinions of those who are a part of the article which some people may see as too bias for a supposedly PC news source.


To conclude, the overall effectiveness of Sky News Online works well with it's very broad target audience. This is due to its clear cut news stories, bold headlines giving readers the option to take a brief observation of the news story.

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