Buying A Cell Phone Plan

Alexa Friedrichs
Kasey Geiger
Kylie Wakefield
Larissa Oachs

When buying a phone you need to consider...

- How much you use your phone.

- What you need your phone to be capable of.

- The data amount.

- The cost.

- The brand of phone.

- Contract plan.

- The memory capacity.

- Network Coverage.

What financial decision-making strat

- Cost comparison.

Ex. Verizon vs. T-Mobile

- Cost-benefit analysis

Ex. Is the price of data + phone + calling/texting plan + service + quality worth having the phone?

Other expenses to consider when purchasing a phone...

- Car charger

- Phone cases

- screen protectors

- Bluetooth

- Head phones

- Memory card

- iTunes cards for music

- A phone belt clip