My resource is a mineral and is nonrenewable.

Some goods that are manufactured from asbestos are insulation for pipes, floor tiles, building materials, and vehicle brakes and clutches.

The countries that I am going to list are major producers of asbestos. These countries are Canada, Brazil, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and China. Canada is in North America, Brazil is in South America, and the Russian Federation, China, and Kazakhstan are all in Asia.

These are countries are the major consumers of asbestos. They are China, Brazil, India, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Brazil is in South America and Russia, India, China, and Kazakhstan are all in Asia.   

Asbestos is extremely dangerous. Fibers from asbestos can float in the air. If you inhale those fibers they can get stuck in your lungs. This can cause lung cancer. Also the fibers inhaled from asbestos are responsible for about 4,500 deaths each year.

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